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The modern concept of wealth is of significance in all areas of economics, and clearly so for growth economics and development economics yet the meaning of wealth is context-dependent. At the most general level, economists may define wealth as "anything of value" that captures both the subjective nature of the idea and the idea that it is not a fixed or static concept.

Articles on Long-term Investment

In today's economically uncertain times it is critical to understand your worth and how to protect and grow your wealth. That is exactly what you can expect to find in the category. We cover topics that break down the complexity of long-term investment and show you how to benefit from investing today

Adding long-term investments to your portfolio

20th February 2019

When it comes to true wealth, there is no better investment than a long-term one. Adding long-term investments to your portfolio, you will optimise your returns. You will be taking full advantage of compound interest. You will put your money to work for you! To learn more about the full benefits and advantages of a […]

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Cost of education

11th February 2019

Are you saving for your child’s education? With the ever-increasing cost of education the sooner you start saving the less of a financial burden these costs will be. In today’s times, we are very fortunate as many investment options are available to help you reach these financial goals. This will only give you financial peace […]

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Considering long-term investment

28th January 2019

Should you be considering a long-term investment? The answer is yes! Small investments made today can result in massive future returns. To learn how to protect and grow your wealth we invite you to contact us! admin@prosperisense.co.za | 010 900 3282 / 011 462 6591 | Whatsapp (078) 252-3840 | Directions. At Prosperisense Financial & […]

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8 Reasons to Invest Your Money

3rd December 2018

In order to build your wealth, you will want to invest your money. Investing allows you to put your money into opportunities that have the potential to earn strong rates of return. Having said that, let’s jump right into our top 8 reasons to invest your money. 1. Grow your money Investing your money can […]

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Make your money work

20th November 2018

Hello, my name is Mr. Money and I am here to help make your money work for you! We specialise in: Short-term insurance Long-term investments Retirement planning Risk assessment Business insurance and income protection Estate planning and living wills And that is just the tip of the iceberg. If you would like to learn how […]

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Invest in the future you want today

19th November 2018

If there is one new year’s resolution you should stick to this year, it would have to be making your money work for you. One of the best ways to do that is to invest in the future you want today! At Prosperisense Financial & Risk Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering our clients specialised […]

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