Severe illness cover

illness cover

Will you be able to FIGHT BACK when you need to? Anyone can be diagnosed with a severe illness, whether you are six or 75 years old. Recovering from severe illness is tough… physically, emotionally and financially. Let’s take a look at the benefits of severe illness cover.

The four phases of a severe illness

A severe illness typically has four phases. You are diagnosed in the first phase and treated in the second. In the third, you need to recover. In the fourth phase, you face the financial impact of the unexpected expenses a severe illness can have on you, your family and business.

In South Africa, medical aid and gap cover are designed to support you through the first two phases. Severe Illness Cover also is known as dread disease cover is there to support you through the last two phases. We’re with you when it’s time to fight back.

To make sure you get the best cover here are some key question you should ask.

  • What will happen when I am diagnosed with a severe illness?
  • What happens if I suffer severe illness and have to take extended time off from work?
  • Can I apply for cover if I have already had a severe illness?
  • Do you offer severe illness protection for children?
  • Can I claim more than once?
  • Is there a specified recovery period?

Contact us today and one of our qualified and professional brokers will be able to assist you with the answer to your questions you might have!

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To learn more about our world-class services and investment opportunities, please feel free to contact us today. We have professional brokers standing by to assist you!

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